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BladeTech Duty Drop and Offset



The new and improved Blade-Tech Duty Drop and Offset is a customizable, mid-rise attachment made to drop your holster and clear space for a faster, cleaner draw. Made in the USA with an ergonomic design, the Blade-Tech Duty Drop and Offset form fits to your hip providing you with all day comfort. The newly created belt shim enhances this modular system by giving you the flexibility to use belts up to 2” (2.25” without the shim). It also helps to anchor the platform and keep it from moving even without a thigh strap. Additionally, the Blade-Tech Duty Drop and Offset holster attachment features slots for both a thigh strap and an adjustable cant. Unlike the previous fixed mounting holes, the new slot offers you both positive and negative cant with 32.5 degrees of travel.


Can be used with our Rugged Duty Holster and Safariland's 3-Hole Duty Pattern (recommended to use with hardware option).

Three belt positions provide you with a tight fit up to 2” (2.25” without the shim). You can also achieve both a positive and negative cant to help tailor your draw.

Thigh strap slot and new belt shim keeps your holster from moving.

Precision Molded
Produced in the USA with high strength, heat resistant polymer for a more superior fit.

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