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BladeTech Drop Leg Platform



  Not all Drop Leg Platforms are created equal. The Blade-Tech Drop Leg Platform features a swivel loop buckle and industrial strength VELCRO® strap system that allows for a full range of motion without compromising stability or adding unnecessary, bulky material to your rig. The Blade-Tech Drop Leg Platform allows you to have a stable mounting surface for attaching Blade-Tech holsters and attachments.

  Rubber is woven directly into the fabric of the inner facing thigh straps to eliminate unwanted shifting and maximize comfort. The buckle attachment is designed for compatibility with our TMMS (Tactical Modular Mount System) making every inch of real estate on this thigh rig holster incredibly useful for carrying a variety of Blade-Tech gear.


Built from the ground up to give you the versatility you need, with a ton of mounting holes to mount all of your gear.

Clear Space
The Drop Leg Platform is perfect to clear your draw of obstructions when running a plate carrier or a loaded belt.

Stability and Comfort
Rubber is woven directly into the thigh straps, which keeps the tactical Drop Leg Platform from sliding around. Our swivel buckle also allows for the main strap to move with your body. Lastly, the polymer platform is molded to match the curvature of your thigh.

Rugged Duty Holsters

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