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Kobra Kydex was started in early 2012 by Coley Grantham an avid firearms enthusiast and craftsman. At age 20 Coley decide to make his own kydex holsters after being quoted a 4 month wait time from a popular holster company.

So with that he jumped on YouTube and started searching "How to Make a Kydex Holster". Shortly after pressing "Search" a video by PhillyEDC looked interesting so he decided to give it a try, little did he know this would be the video that gave him the knowledge and tool list to start his holster business.

After watching this two part video several times on repeat Coley decided to make a list and go shopping for some equipment that Jon(PhillyEDC) graciously listed in the video.

Once the equipment shopping was done it was time to place an order with Knife Kits for all the necessary materials to get started. Being in Georgia it took no time for the materials to arrive as Knife Kits is located in Georgia as well. 

Since Kobra Kydex was born...