Why it is important to buy an IWB gun holster with a sweat shield

Why it is important to buy an IWB gun holster with a sweat shield

Feb 15th 2019

The Kydex holsters have become the first choice of gun users due to numerous advantages they offer over leather variants. They are more durable, economical, and do not require maintenance. If we specifically talk about the best IWB holsters, there are several factors to consider.

The design should be compact and must come with adjustable retention. For someone who carries a gun daily, best IWB holster comes with a sweat shield. It is natural for a user to sweat when using guns daily. Leather starts to get logged with water after regular use.

The shield present in modern holsters ensures that the holster shell is separated from the carrier’s body. Conceal-Brite is one such model by Kobra Kydex that possesses a sweat shield. That’s not the only special feature of this product. It comes with a Quick-Clip belt attachment that comes with fast on/off ability. The retention can be adjusted as per the draw strength preference of the user. Get it for only 59.99 dollars.

Another popular IWB gun holster from our store is Conceal-X. This product comes with sweat resistant flexible rubberized backer. Loaded with numerous other features, this product can be ordered for 99.99 dollars.

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